Legionnaire Of The Year

Post 305 has many capable members within its ranks who volunteer their time, talent  and effort to make this organization the proud group it is. Within this group, there are members who go above and beyond the call of duty to make or keep American Legion Post 305 a vibrant part of the community.

For those Legionnaires, and only when warranted, Post 305 bestows upon them its' highest award, Legionnaire of The Year. This is not an annual award. The following individuals have earned the Legionnaire of the Year award and we are grateful for the contributions they made to our Post.

Chuck Suhr, 1999/2000
Rudy Charest *, 2000/2001
Keith Stelter, 2001/2002
No Award, 2002/2003
George Bannon, 2003/2004
Emery Heuermann, 2004/2005
Pickens Jones, 2005/2006
Jim Bolin (tie), 2006/2007
Dayton Denton (tie), 2006/2007
Dave Lips *, 2007/2008
Brad Trefz, 2008/2009
Everett Ison, 2009/2010
Winfield Salter, 10/2011
Kimberly Biggerstaff, 11/2012
No award, 12/2013
Pete Koch, 2013/2014
No award 2014/2015
No award 2015/2016
No award, 2016/2017
No award, 2017/2018
Post 305 Legionnaire of The Year Standards
This highest of award is not automatically awarded to someone each year.It is only awarded as warranted. Primary consideration is given to the contributions that an individual has made, during the past calendar year, to the various activities of the Post, as well as to furthering the ideals of all American Legion programs.  In addition, consideration is given to their cumulative performance over the years.

The following factors, not necessarily in order of priority, are among those taken into consideration:

  • attendance at meetings
  • active participation at meetings
  • participation in rummage sales and/or set-up
  • donating goods or services to Post 305 & Legion programs
  • supporting Birdies For Charity
  • attendance at conventions
  • contributions to the newsletter
  • recruiting activities
  • membership renewal efforts
  • welcoming new members
  • coordination/communications with members between meetings
  • communications/involvement with other Posts or headquarters
  • working closely with Auxiliary
  • contributing to fellowship/camaraderie
  • active participation on committees or projects
  • volunteering to take the initiative in activities
  • assuming the responsibility of elective office
  • attending/participating in outside activities or ceremonies
  • assisting in Poppy distribution
  • assisting in the Adopt-A-Path program
  • visiting the V.A.Medical Center.
  • assisting with and/or participating in July 4th parade
  • knowledge about American Legion programs and policies
  • helping the Post grow and move forward

Nominations should be made to the Executive Committee, in writing, during March to allow for a meaningful review and selection. Include sufficient details to support the justification of the award.

The award is usually made in June or December.

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Post 305 Legionnaire of the year Award