Community Service

Post 305 and its members support, volunteer at, donate or belong to the following:

  • Scouts program
Girl Scout Cookies
Boy Scout Support

Post 305 and members make an annual donation.
Post 305 members volunteer to assist in laying wreaths in December at HNVA Cemetery

Post 305 and its members make monetary & food donations

Post 305 sponsors a "Hats for Vets" program
Post 305 members make In Kind donations and purchases.

Hats for Vets program:Post 305 sponsors a local Hats for Vets program. (2017, 684 hats picked up, cleaned and delivered to VA for use by cancer patients on chemo)
Magazines program:We collect and deliver numerous magazines to VA (2017, 820 magazines)

  • Copperwood Senior Citizen/Disabled Housing Project
DVD Program:Post 305 members collect, purchase and deliver DVDs to Copperwood for free use by low income seniors and veterans residing at Copperwood.

  • Veterans Aid and Rehabilitation
Legion TFA program:Assist Legionnnaires with American Legion Temporay Finacial Assistance (TFA) program.
Transport program:Pickup veteran, transport to VA, remain with veteran at VA and return veteran to point of pickup.
Sunshine Card program: Proactively send sunshine cards to Post 305 home bound, bereaved, ill or in distress veterans & their sposues.

The American Legion
Department of Texas
The Woodlands Post 305
P. O.Box 9336, The Woodlands TX 77387
281-298-2440 (Leave a Message)

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Community Service and Involvement
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