The Woodlands American Legion Post 305 is an active Post with a rich heritage. It is also the home of a fantastic group of veterans  who keep it going in a number of ways by:
  • being a member
  • attending Legion events
  • volunteering to serve as officers
  • serving in various capacities in local community events
Yes . .  it is at times time consuming but what an effort by our members.

For those members who can't be at the meetings, they support the post as well. Just being a member lends support and credibility to our organization because an organization without members has zero influence or impact within the community.

You are encouraged to explore this website and discover for yourself what an outstanding Post this is and the many members that make it  happen. We also hope you will consider becoming a part of this great organization.

Post 305 Governance

Governmental Agencies
Internal Revenue Service
  • Latest Tax Return, ie Form 990

State of Texas, Secretary of State
  • Post Temporary Charter, Jan 1, 1989
  • Post Permanent Charter
  • Post Supplemental Charter
  • Public Information Report,

State of Texas, Comptrollers Office
  • Sales Tax Exemption form
  • Sales Tax Exemption letter fro TX

Montgomery County Tx
  • Appraisal District

  • Not Applicable
About Post 305
  • Awards issued to Members

Rosters for Post 305 for 2018/2019
  • Current Members (password required)

Risk Management

Finance Records
  • Internal Post 305 Annual Audit
  • Bank Statements
  • Investment Satements
  • Approved annual operating budget

Meeting Locations
  • SMC Community Center, regular meetings, 2nd Wednesday each month
  • Shadowbend Park - October, 2nd Wednesday. Cookout, Bring a Lawn Chair
  • Robinson RD Community Center - Rummage Sale, April & October
The Woodlands American Legion Post 305
The American Legion
Department of Texas
The Woodlands Post 305
P. O.Box 9336, The Woodlands TX 77387
281-298-2440 (Leave a Message)

This page was last updated: May 25, 2019
Minutes  & Financial Records of Post 305, a 501 (c)19 non profit olrganization

Post 305 is governed by Texas Record Keeing rules, Sub Chapter D, Section 151, 152 and 153 of the Texas Business Code. As such, the following is summarized as to who may view our records and under what conditions. If this brief summary contradicts state law, then the Texas Statute will prevail.

Post 305 Officers may request to view, at the normal Excecutive Committee meeting place
  • all minutes, finance reports, committee reports and all other internal recordings
  • and/or
  • current membership list as denoted by National ,
  • Risk Managements documents,
  • Employee records, contract agreeements, leases, purcahse orders,
  • IRS 990, Texas Public Information report (Note: this is availble to anyone upon request)
  • public filings that are available at the Post 305 level
and the appropriate Post 305 officer will make same available for viewing upon receiving the Commanders approval to do so. Should Commander withold approval, member may make an appeal directly to the Executive Committee, who shall have final authority.

REGULAR and PUFL MEMBERS, that do not serve as an an Officer of Post 305 may
request to view,  at the normal Executive Committee meeting place
  • minutes and finance reports only for the past year and
the Adjutant and or Finance Officer will make same available for viewing upon receiving the Commanders approval to do so. Should Commander withold approval, member may make an appeal directly to the Executive Committee, who shall have final authority.

Some records may be available on the Post 305 website but access is limited to members only, requires the Commanders approval to access and requires a password issued by the webmaster. The following may be available:
  • Executive Committee Minutes, requires a passord.
  • Special Called Meetings minutes, requires a password.
  • Regular Membership meeting minutes, requires a password
  • The Bugle newsletter, does not require a password and available on home page.
  • Post 305 consititution and By Laws, does not require a password, available on About us web page.
  • IRS 990, available at IRS website.
Many Internal records have restricted access due to the presenece of sensitive personal memebr information that may be on record, names of comrades in varying degrees of distress, members personal requests, family situations that require VA&R, members personal information, childrens names listed, etc. Generally speaking, you can request what you want, BUT it may be redacted.

PUBLIC: No internal recordings are available to the public, other than by court order.

Post 305 tries hard to be as transparent as possible with its members.