Birdies For Charity
sponsored by the Shell Houston Open Golf Tournament

MARCH 27 – APRIL 2, 2017

The Birdies for Charity program, sponsored by the Shell Houston Open Golf Tornament, is an annual event that provides Post 305 with a major fundraising activty. All members, friends and family are encouraged to partipate and support the post. As a bonus, you could win the Grand Prize if you guess the right number of birdies.

More information about the Shell Houston Open s available at  the  Shell Houston Open website.

The Birdies For Charity generally requires that a non profit group such
as we are, generate at least $1,000 in pledges. At first, this sounds like
a large pledge but a typical two cents per birdie pledge is about $30.00
to $35.00 per person, depending on the number of birdies made at the
Shell Houston Open.  This means we need about 35 persons to participate.
Here is how it works.
The American Legion
Department of Texas
The Woodlands Post 305
P. O.Box 9336, The Woodlands TX 77387
281-298-2440 (Leave a Message)

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A person fills out a pledge form and guesses at the number of birdies that will be made at the Shell Houston Open. The 2016 number of birdies was 1674. The event is held in March so weather can be a major issue with the final birdies count.

To participate is simple. You pledge a certain amount of pennies per birdie (this writer usually pledges 2 cents per birdie. After the golf tournament is over, you will recieve a request to Honor Your Pledge showing the actual amount due. You then send a check to the Birdies For Charity people, they log it in and send Post 305 a check at 100% of your donation.  For example, a 2 cent pledge per biridie at 1,700 birdies generates a donation to the Post of $35.00., after you honor your pledge.

To Simplify:
1. Download and print the official pledge form . If you prefer, you can use this simplified printer friendly version of the pledge form .

2. Fill in your contact information.

3. Make a decision:
a.Fill in what you are willing to donate per birdie made. One cent per birdie is the minmum. I suggest not more than two cents per birdie if you are a first timer.  Example: A 2cent pledge will generate a $34.00 pledge if the number of birdies is 1700.
b.Make a flat rate donation of $20.00 or more. Each $20 increment allows one guess.

5. Insert your form into an envelope, affix postage and mail to  American Legion Post 305, attn Jim Bolin, P O Box 9336, The Woodlands TX 77387.

About as simple as it can be!

We have participated in this event since 2001. Rudy Charest and Dave Lips were on point for many years and we owe them a hearty thanks for all of their past efforts in keeping us involved. The leader for this very important fundraising effort is now Jim Bolin., Past Post 305 Commander.

For more information on the program and how you can participate, please feel free to call Jim Bolin at 281-251-2352 or send him an email at

Needless to say, your participation is appreciated! For those of you who don't get to the meetings very often, are a friend of the Post or a family member, this is a great way to help support the Post and its' charitable activities.