American Legion Post 305
P O Box 9336
The Woodlands Texas 77387

BIRDIES For CHARITY Pledge - 2019

YES . . . I would like to participate in the Birdies For Charity program and help support American Legion Post 305 veterans programs. I understand that each one cent pledged will be multiplied by the total number of Birdies made by the golfers at the tournament and that I will be billed for tht amount. Example: A guess of 1698 birdies (the average) will yield a $16.98 donation to Post 305 if you honor your pledge.

Make a Pledge
Circle any line item # that applies.
1.I pledge__________cents per birdie. (one cent is the minimum). Please fill in line #2.
2.I guess that  __________ birdies will be made this year. (average is 1,698 birdies)
3.I made a pledge of three cents or more per birdie. My free guess is ________ birdies.

If you prefer to pledge a fixed amount: Note: $20.00 is the minimum. 1 extra guess per $20.00 pledge.
4.I pledge a one time donation of:
4a) $20.00. My one guess is: #1: __________.
4b) $40.00. My two guesses are: #1__________#2 __________.
4c) $60.00. My three guesses are: #1__________#2__________#3___________.

Please type or print the following information:
  • Date: ______________________________________________________
  • First MI Last Name: ______________________________________________________
  • Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________
  • City, State, Zip Code: _____________________________________________________
  • Primary Phone #:__________________________________________________________
  • Email Address : ______________________________________________________

Enclose this form and mail to:
American Legion Post 305, Attn: Birdies For Charity, P.O. Box 9336, The Woodlands TX 77387

What Happens After I Fill Out and Return This Form?
At the end of the golf tournament, you will be notified of:
1.the final number of Birdies made by all golfers.
2.the exact dollar amount you are donating will be shown. invitation to the Grand Prize ceremony if you correctly guess the number of birdies made.
4.An invoice ( in the form of a request for you to honor your pledge) will be mailed to you from the golf tournament, along with a return envelope for your convenience.

THANK YOU for participating!
This page was last updated: February 19, 2019